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Perfecky Pro is a great Wordpress plugin for various general requirements of each wordpress websites.Perfecky Pro provide bundle of features to make it perfect Perfecky Pro.Multiple plugins slow down website,Perfecky Pro will get rid you from this problem.Perfecky Pro helps you to handle Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Testimonials, Sliders, Countdown Timer, Maintenance Mode, Social Profile Buttons, Rating & Reviews, Login Security & Appearance, Admin Bar Security & Appearnance, Analytics & much more we adding.Manage all your required settings at one place and make your website smooth.Perfecky Pro will boost your bussiness with its features.Amazing hmm!! :) .Let's try our all Perfecky Pro features demos.
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Perfecky Pro is a great wordpress plugin.Provide bundle of features.
Email Marketing
Perfecky provide great feature for email marketing.You can enable/disable email marketing on single click.Perfecky offer ability to send bulk/single email sending.Yes,you can also schedule email(s).You can send email(s) for third party email sending services and using server mail function as well.Fully manageable email templates.
SMS Marketing
Perfecky provide great feature for sms marketing.You can enable/disable sms marketing on single click.Perfecky offer ability to send bulk/single sms sending.Yes,you can also schedule sms(s).You can send sms(s) with Twillio & Plivio sms sending services.Fully manageable sms templates
Maintenance/Construction Mode
Perfecky provide various options to set Maintenance/UnderConstruction mode on your wordpress website.Perfecky provide option of 8 inbuilt Maintenance/UnderConstruction templates.Perfecky also provide option to set your own html/css to design your Maintenance/UnderConstruction page of your website.
Login Security
Perfecky provide great feature to manage your wordpress login.Manage from both views security and appearance.You can manage security with captcha and login limits using Perfecky.You can also fully manage appearance of your wordpress login page.
Login Appearance
Perfecky provide great feature to customize your wordpress login page.Perfecky provide 25+ options to customize the appearance of login page.
Countdown Timer
Perfecky provide feature to add/edit/delete unlimited countdown timers in your website.You can set option to show custom text after countdown time end.You can also set image to show after countdown timer end.You can display countdown timers with shortcode.
Perfecky provide feature to manage your testimonials.You can display your testimonials on your website with shortcode.You can slide your testimonials and list as well.Perfecky offer various design option to list your testimonials.
Perfecky provide feature to display unlimited slider on your website.Perfecky provide various slider options as well.You can create unlimited sliders and slides. You can show caption on slides.You can manage slide duration.Manageable navigation arrows on slider.
Admin Bar Security
Perfecky provide various options to manage your admin bar of wordpres website.You can manage appearance and security of your wordpres admin bar.You can hide admin bar page wise, category wise and user role wise on your wordpress website.
Admin Bar Appearance
Perfecky provide various options to manage your admin bar of wordpres website.You can manage appearance of your wordpres admin bar.You can manage background color of your admin bar according to your website color scheme.You can manage menu text color and menus text hover color color as well.
Social Buttons
Perfecky provide feature to manage social button on your website.Perfecky provide 22+ inbuilt social buttons which you can set on your website.Perfecky also provide option you set custom icon for your social button which suite with your site color scheme.Perfecky provide inbuilt default icon for 22+ social buttons.You can display social button on your website with shortcode
Ratings & Reviews
Perfecky provide feature to collect rating & reviews from clients.You can also publish your rating & reviews on your website as well.You can control all your rating & reviews from admin pannel.You can collect your rating & reviews with smooth ajax based rating & reviews collection form.You can publish verified rating & reviews with shortcode.You can add rating & reviews collection form with shortcode.
To make it easy for you , we create analytics for you. Analytics will help you to get all the feature usage and enteries on one page.Please try to our demos.

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